I am proficient in supervising clinicians practicing in a variety of settings. I currently meet the criteria set out for approved supervisors in the State of Washington. I am also open to supervising clinicians from states that allow distance supervision.

Discounts available for military spouses, community mental health workers and Veterans

Individual Supervision

Whether you have almost all your supervision hours or are just starting out, individual supervision is a great way to grow professionally and emotionally and gain confidence while increasing your therapeutic skills.  In weekly or bimonthly meetings, we will explore your clinical practice and workplace, focus on self-care,  get fired up about social justice and develop the skills needed to be an competent practitioner.  We will work together to identify resources that could benefit you and your clients and much more

$75 per hour

$300-5 sessions paid up front

Group Supervision

Similar to Individual Supervision but done in a group 2-6 people. Groups can be pre-formed or I can connect you to other people interested in sharing the cost of supervision. Group meetings are structured around case presentations and provide an excellent opportunity to deepen your assessment and therapy skills and to learn from the other group members.

$150 per hour/per group (2-3 members)

$200 per hour/per group (4-6 members) 

Distance Supervision

The same as individual supervision for the busy professional who may not be able to come to Fircrest. Conducted via a HIPPA complaint free telemedicine platform (Doxyme). Accessible from everywhere (your desktop, tablet & smartphone). Limited to 60 hours total.

$75 per hour

$300 for 5 sessions paid up front